Tier III: Intensive Intervention (Individualized Prevention)

Module 1: Overview and Readiness for PBIS Tier III

This training module provides an overview of PBIS Tier III, assists in determining the readiness for implementation, and provides a foundation for behavior management.

Module 2: Tier III Leadership

This training module guides the development of a strong Tier III leadership team, including roles and responsibilities of team members.

Module 3: Identifying Students for Individualized Support

This training module supports the development of a system to identify students for Tier III interventions, including entry criteria and the referral process.

Module 4: Functional Behavior Assessment

This training module provides information on conducting a Functional Behavior Assessment, collecting data, and writing a summary statement.

Module 5: Behavior Intervention Plan

This training module provides an overview of the Behavior Intervention Plan, guides the development of behavior goals and identification of interventions, and supports the implementation and evaluation of the Behavior Intervention Plan.