RTI Academics

The Arkansas RTI Academic Training Modules were funded through the Arkansas State Personnel Development Grant and developed in collaboration with American Institutes for Research, The Center for Exceptional Families, and content specialists from the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education. The modules focus on system level change and continuous improvement across the classroom, school, and district to provide each student with opportunities to maximize academic achievement and develop skills for success.

RTI Implementation Fidelity Rubric

The Response to Intervention (RTI) Fidelity Rubric is for use by schools to support fidelity of RTI implementation. The rubric is aligned with the essential components of RTI and the infrastructure that is necessary for successful implementation. It is accompanied by a worksheet with guiding questions and score points for use with a school’s RTI leadership team.

RTI Fidelity of Implementation Worksheet

RTI Distinction Between the Tiers

This one-page document provides an overview and a side-by-side comparison of Tiers I, II, and III.

Removing Barriers to Effective Distance Learning by Applying High-Leverage Practices

This brief is designed to support all educators who ensure students of all backgrounds and abilities are provided equitable access to high-quality instruction in distance learning environments.

Intensifying Literacy Instruction: Essential Practices

This document, Intensifying Literacy Instruction: Essential Practices, focuses on the advanced tiers of an multi-tiered system of support framework (Tiers 2 and 3); however, it can and should impact Tier 1, class-wide instruction since an effective Tier 1 instruction supports all learners regardless of their pressing needs. This document describes five practices and considerations for understanding how students’ learning and behavior are enhanced.