Task 2. Create Assignment – Learner Profiles

Section: Work Examples and Artifacts

Task 2: Steps

Assignment: Create a document (Word or pdf file) using the selected class from Task 1 and the UDL Principle Profile Characteristics Resource, complete learner profiles using the UDL Affective Network Template, Recognition Network Template, and Strategic Network Template for three to five students. When choosing students, select diverse learners and consider learner needs, strengths, and interests. Click here for the templates needed to complete Task 2. (Assignment will be uploaded in Task 6.)

Completion: Click the green ‘Mark Complete’ button when you have finished creating your file.

Passing: Earner receives ‘Demonstrated’ on all criteria for the three to five learner profiles submitted.

Task 2: Work Examples and Artifacts Scoring Guide


Earner completes and submits learner profiles for three to five students that correctly align with the characteristics in the three cognitive networks.


Earner submits learner profiles that lack alignment to the characteristics in the three cognitive networks OR submits learner profiles for fewer than three students.

Not met

Earner submission is incomplete.