Task 1. Create Assignment – Implementing UDL

Section: Overview

Task 1: Steps

Assignment: Create a document (Word or pdf file) to describe your current educational setting and context for implementing UDL. Include the following:

  • grade(s) level served and content or specialty area
  • school demographics (race, economic, English learners)
  • demographics for the class of students selected for UDL implementation (gender and number of students with 504 plans and/or IEPs)
  • type of school setting (private, charter, public)
  • previous experience(s) with UDL

Limit response to 150 words or less. (Assignment will be uploaded in Task 6.)

Note: Utilize myschoolinfo.arkansas.gov to obtain information on school demographics.

Completion: Click the green ‘Mark Complete’ button when you have finished creating your file.

Passing: Earner completely describes and includes all parts of the required educational setting and context for implementing UDL.