Applying Universal Design for Learning Principles and Guidelines to Lesson Design

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About this Micro-Credential

Providing Organization: Division of Elementary and Secondary Education

Estimated Time to Complete: 6 hours

Submission Deadline: June 10, 2023 at 10pm

Competency: Earner applies the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines to design instruction to optimize teaching and learning during lesson implementation for improved student outcomes.

Key Method: The educator develops learner profiles using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) guidelines, analyzes methods, materials, and data sources for learning barriers, and evaluates and revises current learning design for the critical elements of UDL.

The Method Components section of the micro-credential provides an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the content knowledge needed to complete the submission tasks. You can personalize your learning experience by delving as deeply as needed into the Research and Resources block to the left. As you interact with the learning materials, take time to reflect on your current instructional methods and practice the new methods and strategies you will use to demonstrate the competency.

Submission Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria

This micro-credential is divided into three steps: Overview, Work Examples and Artifacts, and Reflection. These steps are broken down further into parts that are aligned with UDL principles.

  • Parts 1-5: You will need to review the information provided and create the appropriate assignment. Click on the green ‘Mark Complete’ button after you finish each part. (This will give you a checkmark on the micro-credential’s main page.)
  • Part 6: You will upload an assignment for each of the previous parts. You will be able to upload a maximum of 5 files, one for each part. To replace a file, just delete the previously uploaded file. (You will not receive a checkmark on the micro-credential’s main page until the assignments have been graded and approved.)
  • Part 7: Once you have completed Parts 1-6, you will need to submit the assignments for grading. (This will give you a checkmark on the micro-credential’s main page.)

To earn this micro-credential, you must receive ‘Passing’ on the assignments for Part 1 and Part 5, and ‘Demonstrated’ on all criteria in the assignments for Parts 2-4. Once this achieved, you will receive a checkmark on Part 6.