Task 7. Submit Assignments

Section: Submit Assignments for Grading

Task 7: Steps

Action: Once you have completed Tasks 1-6, you will need to submit the assignments for grading. click on the ‘Submit UDL Micro-Credential for Grading’ link below under Task Content, type your name and then click on the ‘Finish Quiz’ button.

You will receive an email notifying you that your submission has been received. Once your assignments have been scored by an assessor, you will receive an email alert updating the status of your submission.

Passing: When you have received u2018Passingu2019 on the assignments for Task 1 and Task 5, and u2018Demonstratedu2019 on all criteria in the assignments for Tasks 2-4, you will receive an email notifying you an assessor has awarded you the Educator Self-Assessment and Professional Growth micro-credential badge.