Supporting Positive Behavior Through Conversations with Students

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About this Micro-Credential

Providing Organization: State Personnel Development Grant, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education

Estimated Time to Complete: 6 hours

Submission Deadline: December 20, 2022

Competency: Educator engages in daily conversation with students to build relationships and improve behavior.

Key Method: The educator engages in daily two-minute conversations for ten consecutive school days with a student who routinely demonstrates problem behaviors to build a relationship and improve behavior outcomes. 

Step One: Learn, Reflect, and Practice

Method Components

The Method Components provide an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of the content knowledge needed to complete the submission tasks. You can personalize your learning experience by delving as deeply as needed into the Research and Resources. 

Research and Resources

The Supporting Rationale and Research document linked below includes several articles and videos for learning more about the 2 x 10 strategy and why building relationships is so important to student success. As you interact with the learning materials, take time to reflect on your professional practice.

Step Two: Show Mastery