DESE Micro-Credential Team Participates in Kentucky Virtual Summit

Members of the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Micro-Credential Team recently participated in a virtual summit hosted by the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC). The Needs-Based Approach to Develop a Stack of Micro-credentials session focused on the partnership between KVEC and the Arkansas DESE team. Members of both organizations engaged in conversation and discussion around the creation of a micro-credential using Design, Assessment, and Implementation Principles for Educator Micro-Credentials. The expansion of this work across various divisions within the Arkansas DESE and next steps were also highlighted.

Presenters from the Arkansas DESE:  Bobette Ray, Educator Support Advisor, Micro-Credential/Career Continuum; Sandy Shepard, Lead Reading Specialist for Student Excellence; Jeff Parks, Trade and Industry Program Advisor; Kim Wright, Educator Support and Development Advisor; Daniel Muilenburg, Trade and Industry Program Coordinator; Saundra Lamberson, State Science Specialist; Becky Mclver, Transformation Coordinator; Vikki Jennings, Educational Investigator; Moderators from KVEC: Jennifer Carroll, Professional Learning Lead; Robert Brown, Lead Policy Analyst: Micro-Credentials